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Monday Minute 11-13-17

Wow!  Busy Marist Weekend to say the least!

This Monday marks a whole week since our Faculty Retreat and our efforts of putting on of our own spiritual oxygen masks before we worked with our students and each other through the fast, last seven days of our lives.   I hope in some way you can feel some vapors of refreshment from that experience still left in your physical, emotional and spiritual tanks.

                If not, I hope this Monday minute offers you a few words and images of wisdom from those that refreshed my soul over the last week:

“We are workers—not master builders.”—Marcellin Champagnat

“Put your oxygen mask on first…then help those around you…especially the children travelling with you.”—Chris Sullivan

“Look for opportunities to be ‘living water’ for each other”— Chris Sullivan

“Give thanks for those ‘grace-filled moments’ of every day.” – Chris Sullivan

And from the Marist Theater Guild’s moving production of “Our Town”—

Emily:  “Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anyone to realize you!” …Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it—every, every minute?”

Stage Manager:  “No—Saints and poets maybe—they do some.”—Thorton Wilder

May our God bless us these days to be saints—and/or poets for our world. 


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