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Monday Minute 11-16-20

Ask and you shall receive…

There once was a young man, very successful in business, living the high life in the city... corner office, high rise condo, fancy car, designer suits... the works. One day he decided to cash out and he bought a farm. It was modest, about 20 acres with a decent house on it, chickens in the yard, a large barn, and one dairy cow.

After about a month, one of his old farmer neighbors stopped by to see how the new kid on the block was doing. The young man said that everything was fine except that something was wrong with his cow. It had stopped giving milk. And the young man was perplexed. He said, “I don’t understand it. If ever there was a person who treated another creature with kindness and respect, and didn’t push or ask for too much all at once, it was me. Every time I milked her, if I needed a quart, all I took was a quart. If I needed a cup, all I took was a cup.”

The old farmer, chuckled a little bit, smiled and said, “Son, it doesn’t work that way. Every time you milk her, you have to take everything she’s got. The more you take, the more she’ll give. And she’ll keep on giving. That’s what’s she’s made for. That’s what she wants to do.”

It’s the same way with our prayers. Why would we ask God for just enough? Our God is a God of abundant generosity who delights in giving us everything we need... and then some. So next time you pray and find yourself asking Him for this or that, don’t hold back and don’t try to put a limit on his ability or his desire to respond.

You can be humble and still ask for the world...

Just don’t be too surprised when you get it!

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to “First” by Lauren Daimler. Listen in at

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