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Monday Minute 11-18-19

When giving stops…


There is an old story about an unusual tree that grew outside the gates of a desert city. It was an ancient tree, a landmark, as a matter of fact. It seemed to have been touched by the finger of God, for it bore fruit all the time… all year long… in and out of season. Despite its old age, its limbs were constantly heavy with fruit. Hundreds of passersby satisfied their hunger from the tree as it never failed to give freely of its fruit.


But then one day a merchant purchased the property on which the tree grew. He didn’t like the fact that hundreds of travelers were picking the fruit from his tree, so he built a high fence around it. Travelers pleaded and pleaded with the new owner, "Share the fruit with us." But the merchant scoffed at them,

"It’s my tree, my fruit, bought with my money."


And then the inevitable happened… gradually, the ancient tree died! Why? Because the Law of Giving is as predictable as the Law of Gravity, and follows this basic principle:

When giving stops, the bearing of good fruit ceases… and death surely follows.


So please ‘share the fruit’ and contribute to our Thanksgiving Drive this week… food for veterans and personal care items for refugees from Mexico and Central and South America. Thank you.


This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Counting Every Blessing by Rend Collective. Listen in at


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