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Monday Minute 11-21-16

As we gather around our Thanksgiving tables this Thursday, we remember first Jesus, and how often in the Gospel he used meals, food, and the dining table to gather people in one place, so they could relax, be comfortable and come to know Him and His message in a more intimate way.  How many of our own cherished moments and memories with our family and loved ones start with a celebration or gathering around a table filled with food to nourish ourselves. Ultimately, though, it is the love and laughter of the people in our lives that nourish and sustain us, as much as if not more than the food on that table. The same was true of Jesus' gatherings; the nourishment came even more from the conversation, the sharing, and the lessons and presence of Jesus. So, too, Father Marcellin and the first brothers built the now famous table at LaValla, where they too gathered to eat, pray, share, and ultimately build the Institute, which we are a part of today.   In this year of LaValla, we celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the founding of our Marist world.  This mission was started by St. Marcellin and presents us with a unique way to find ourselves a step closer to Jesus.  Marist for us is the table around which we gather to experience Jesus healing presence in our lives, and which inspires us to bring Him to others, to do as Marcellin did and make Jesus known and loved.

Written by Karen Ramirez, Religious Studies Curriculum Coordinator

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