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Monday Minute 11-27-17

Welcome Back, Folks, 

Hope you had a great weekend and that you can recall several G. F. M’s (Grace Filled Moments) from it to ease you into the week.  You may have noticed that although December doesn’t begin until Friday, Christmas music has been playing non-stop on 93. 9 FM for the last two weeks, the stores have been decorated and are full of Christmas bargains, and Santa has already slipped into town to officially kick off the holiday season.  So, I don’t think it’s too early to offer the following story:

I’m sure you have heard the expression, “Kids say the darndest things,” or maybe the adage, “Out of the mouths of babes…” 

As the story goes there was an inquisitive 4 year old who happened to be rooted strongly in the “Why” and “Tell me” stage of life.  The boy was helping his father set up the Christmas decorations at home.  Imagine the scene with boxes scattered about, and listen to the conversation:

“Daddy, why are there so many lights?  What do all these colors mean?  Why do you cut branches off the tree and hang them on the door?  Did you help your daddy when you were big like me?  Tell me again about the baby Jesus.  Why do we bring a tree into the house?  Do you think Mommy will be mad if you make a mess?”

Does that sound familiar?  Well, it continues.  The little boy was helping to sort out ornaments and asked, “Daddy, what does ‘ignore’ mean?”

The father explained, “Ignore means not to pay attention to people when they call you.” 

Immediately the little boy looked up at his father and said, “Well, I don’t think we should ignore Jesus.”

 Puzzled, the father knelt closer to his animated son and replied, “I don’t think that we should ignore Jesus either, son. I think we should give him our full attention.  Why do you say that we ignore him?”

“But, Daddy, that what the Christmas carol says, ’Oh come, let us ignore him!”

Funny, huh, how kids can say the dardnest things, don’t they?

But, if we think about it, sometimes we actually get so caught up in the frenzy of preparations, parties, shopping and decorating that we appear to ignore the true meaning of Christmas, and fail to prepare a place in our hearts to come and adore Him…  During these busy days the next few weeks, Lord, help us remember…and adore…

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