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Monday Minute 11/30/15

Let There Be Christmas

In one great moment the season of Christmas sweeps us into its arms with an unfettered flourish of travel, parades, sales, crowds, music, and lights. The glare of this explosion overshadows the fragile light that is the spiritual center of this sacred time.

Simply, and with unexpected gentleness, Bethlehem’s star flickers to life like a candle. It kindles a deep hope in our heart. It warms and illuminates. It is by this light of promise that we discover the true miracle of the season. With boldness, we are drawn close to the manger where we see the Child of God, wrapped in simplicity, embraced and held by us, His own creation. It is this glorious light that proclaims…

Let there be SONG
     Let there be FAITH
          Let there be HOPE
               Let there be PEACE
                    Let there be LOVE
                         Let there be JOY
                            &​nbsp; Let there be WONDER
                                   Let there be GRACE

                                        Let there be CHRISTMAS!

 This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, taken from the Christmas Cantata as written and directed by Tom Labanauskas, Director of Music at St. Jude Parish in New Lenox, IL. 

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