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Monday Minute 11/9/15

Something to think about for Veteran’s Day…


God of compassion,
watch over all veterans on this and all days.
In recognition of their loyalty and service,
bless them with wholeness and love.


God of dignity and strength,
Shelter them. Heal their wounds.

Comfort their hearts. Grant them peace.


God of justice and truth,
bless our veterans, our men and women of courage and honor.
Bless them with a deep understanding of our profound gratitude for the doors they opened, paths they paved, freedoms they defended, and futures they secured.

God of mercy and love,

Protect them and their families from loneliness and want.
Grant them lives of joy and bounty.
May their dedication and honor be remembered as a blessing upon us
from generation to generation.


Not sure what to say to a veteran this week? Why not simply start with “Thank you.”


This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, adapted from Alden Solovy in To Bend Light, and currently listening to "America the  Beautiful" as performed by Ray Charles. Listen in at


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