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Monday Minute 12-10-18

jesusAs I start this Monday Minute, I have a confession to make, I hate Christmas. I’m guessing that’s not what you expected from someone in my line of work. I feel like I am torn in a million different directions. The pressure to look for and buy the perfect gift for all of the important people in my life is palpable. There are always parties to go to. I feel a need to be with those important people in my life especially around the holidays. There is always the pressure to decorate and show off how much “Christmas Spirit” you have. I think it goes without saying that this time of the year is busy. Super busy.  What I love about advent is that reminds me to slow down and be busy in another way. Instead of looking busy when Jesus arrives, I love the way advent invites us to be less “looking busy” by doing “stuff” and be busy reflecting on and searching for the real gifts in our lives. I think this advent, instead of looking busy, I will be busy looking for him. This advent, I will try and focus on where Christ is born in my life. This Advent I will try to, hopefully, like Christmas again.

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