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Monday Minute 12-16-16

When royalty comes to visit...

The last time Queen Elizabeth made a royal visit to the United States, in May 2007, she brought with her: 4,000 pounds of luggage including two outfits for each day, two mourning dresses just in case someone died, white kid-leather toilet seat covers, a staff of 30 secretaries and assistants including two ladies-in-waiting, two personal dressers, two doctors, her hairdresser, her chauffeur, her Bentley Limousine... and 40 pints of blood!

In meek contrast to all of that, when God made his royal visit to earth, his Son, Jesus, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, brought nothing with him. No clothes. No personal assistants. No reservations at the inn. His mother wrapped him in strips of cloth rags. He slept in a feeding trough. His entourage consisted of a handful of shepherds... and a choir. And when his visit came to an end, when he left a little over 30 years later, Jesus left his blood here and took our baggage with Him

Now that's my kind of King... and my kind of kingdom!!

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu... currently listening to Go Tell it on the Mountain, by Mahalia Jackson. Listen in at

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