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Monday Minute 12-17-18

“Take your time, but hurry up!”  That was a phrase my grandfather would jokingly use when he was trying to take a picture of his “unruly band of hooligans” (aka: grandchildren) when the Kelly side of the family would gather for big family events.

The phrase has been in my head in these Advent days as I try to assess how well (or not) I have entered into the purpose of the season.  We are encouraged by the liturgical season to “take our time,” but the world seems to be saying louder and louder, “Hurry up!”  “Hurry up!” seems to be winning, at least in my life.

Because of the liturgical calendar, Advent is only three weeks and two days this year.  Still, that is time for me to make a concerted effort in the days ahead to reflect on the Old Testament promises which will be fulfilled in just a few days.  I am grateful that the Church gives me/us this opportunity year after year.

While the week ahead will be busy with exams, perhaps the different schedule will give all of us opportunities to “take out time” – even if they be brief ones.

This Monday Minute is from Br. Hank Hammer, fms

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