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Monday Minute 12-3-18

Meanings of Christmas


"It might be easy to run away to a monastery, away from the commercialization, the hectic hustle, the demanding family responsibilities of Christmas-time. Then we would indeed have a holy Christmas. 


But we would forget the lesson of the Incarnation, (of God coming into the flesh, our flesh)… the lesson that we who are followers of Jesus do not run from the secular; rather we try to transform it. It is our mission to make holy the secular aspects of Christmas just as the early Christians (adopted and) baptized the Christmas tree. And we do this by being holy people (especially during Advent)… kind, patient, generous, loving, laughing people… no matter how maddening is the Christmas rush…"

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu and Fr. Andrew Greeley, journalist, novelist, academic and staunch advocate for Catholic education. As a Roman Catholic priest whose first assignment was at Christ the King Parish in Beverly, Greeley was one of the Church’s biggest fans and one of its most vocal critics.

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