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Monday Minute 12-5-16

Everyone seems to be saying how quickly time is going.  “Can you believe it’s Thanksgiving already?”  “Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone?”  Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?”  Ironically, the season of Advent calls us to slow down as we anticipate the coming of Jesus into our lives.  That’s hard to do in a society which is barely living in the present and almost always living in the future.  How do we slow down in a world which pulls us forward whether we’re ready or not?  No easy answers here, but perhaps just the recognition that we can choose to slow down – even if just for a few minutes each day is a step.

“Slow me down, Lord, and let me speak to you of my need for your presence in my life each day.”

This Monday Minute is from Br. Hank Hammer, FMS

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