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Monday Minute 1/26/15

Theresa Coy and I have had the pleasure of chaperoning 17 wonderful students on the annual March for Life Pilgrimage to Washington, DC.  This past Thursday we marched with 700,000 other pilgrims showing our solidarity with standing up for Life.  Yes, we marched on the anniversary of the court decisions that legalized abortion in this country, but it's not just about abortion.  It's not just about giving a voice for those who don't have a voice.  It's also about the way that we treat each other from the moment of conception to our natural deaths.  There is a lot of life in there and there are a lot of ways that we can hurt life or build up life in our daily lives.  This is part of Jesus' message in the Beatitudes. 

I witnessed these 17 students doing just this.  One of them saw the excess of food in our hotel and made a meal for a random homeless person at one of the Metro stops.  Another stopped to give a man in need an extra dollar for a Metro ride.  And another was "serving" almost the entire time by helping clean up for everyone after meals.  And yet another was preparing to catch someone who looked like he was about to fall.  These are all life-giving examples, and I encourage you to notice the little things and pray for the awareness to be life-giving in all that you do.  


This Monday Minute was written by physics teacher Chris Lesher

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