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Monday Minute 2-10-20

Vocation Week 2020

This week Marist HS is celebrating Vocations Week, and we’re joined by Br. Al Rivera and Br. Brian Poulin, the vocation ministers for Marist Brothers’ USA Province. This week is a time to reflect on our vocations - the state of life to which God has called us to best serve his people - and to encourage our students to consider the path they want to follow in life. 

Last Sunday, February 2, was the Feast of the Presentation, also known as Candlemas. It’s a feast meant to remind us that Christ is the light of the world, and that we in turn are called to let our light shine before others. It also happens to be my anniversary as a brother: I professed my first vows on February 2, 2014. I’ve been a Marist Brother now for six years (one fifth of my life, which is weird to think about).

For these past six years, I’ve been in what are called temporary vows. I have the same vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as any other brother, but they only last for one year, and I renew them annually. Most of you have seen me do this at the opening school mass. This period is meant to give young(-ish) men an opportunity to experience the life of a brother, with the option of leaving if it’s not right for them. But at some point, we all have to commit. So this year I’ve applied to the Provincial Council and been accepted to profess my final vows. This coming May, I will make a permanent, life-long commitment to the Marist Brothers.

I’m grateful for my vocation. It’s not always an easy way of life, but the Brothers are my family, and the Marist Mission is something I want to give my life to. I hope everyone here is happy with their vocations: mother, father, husband, wife, teacher, coach. And I hope through our teaching and through our presence, we’ll be able to help our students find their way to the life God is calling them to.

This Monday Minute is from Br. Sam Amos, FMS.

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