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Monday Minute 2-12-18

Lent is coming. Here's something to think about... Part 2


 A retreat leader held up a drinking glass and asked a group of retreat participants, "Tell me," he said, "how can I get the air out of this glass that I have in my hand?"


 One person said, "Turn the glass over." Nope, there would still be air in the glass. “Break the glass,” another said. The retreat leader replied that would be cheating. A suggestion came from the back of the room, "Seal the glass with a lid and then suck the air out with a pump." But the retreat leader noted that would create a vacuum and shatter the glass.



 What do you think?

 Finally, after many other suggestions, the retreat master picked up a pitcher of water and quietly filled the glass to the very top with water. "There," he said, "all the air is now removed."

He then explained that our victory during Lent does not come by working hard to eliminate our bad habits, but rather by allowing the Holy Spirit to take full possession of us and filling us up with virtue.

 This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy, currently listening to and old favorite, Give me your Eyes by Brandon Heath. Listen in at



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