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Monday Minute 2-13-17

Today is St. Valentine’s Day. This is a day that we take time to remember our love for those that our special in our lives.

Today is also a great day to reflect on God’s love for us.  It’s a great day to remember how much God loves us.

God’s love never fails.

This is an amazing reality but sometimes hard to grasp.  You can give mental assent to God’s unfailing love but you may find it hard at times to truly accept it.  When we fail we can struggle with accepting that we are still loved.

The amazing and great thing about God’s love for us is that it is not dependent on what we do and what we do not do!

God’s love is constant.

It never changes.

It never fails.


Happy Valentines Day.

You Are Loved!

Adapted from Kevin Martineau


-Colleen Pochyly, Campus Minister

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