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Monday Minute 2-27-17

Wishing you a Perfect Lent...

Repentance doesn’t mean going through life with your head down, feeling remorseful for being so bad. It means to start doing something good. Start practicing what you believe in, after all... 'practice makes perfect!'

To Repent means to start doing the things that you know you should do...

If you are alienated from somebody, reconcile with them.

If you are self-righteous in relation to others, humble yourself.

If you have been uncaring toward the poor, now is the time to use your imagination and put yourself in their shoes.

If you have been callous about our new leaders and our prospects for peace,

       now is the time to start praying and to begin working for peace right in your own neighborhood.

If you have put your trust in the accumulation of things so that you are slave to a whole host of masters (mammon!),

       now is the time for you to unload some of your stuff and to put your trust in God.

And if you assumed to this point that you are going to be judged on your ability to avoid evil in this life,

       Lent is the time for you to hear that you are actually going to be judged on your courage to do what is right.

In a perfect Lent, repentance is not some negative, self-denying gesture, nor is it a return to a past way of thinking or doing. Repentance means turning to a new way... changing from what we were... into what we are going to be in 'thy Kingdom come!'

This Monday Minute is from Mark Trotter, author and evangelist, and Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Fix My Eyes by for King & Country. Listen in at

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