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Monday Minute 2-3-20

I really enjoy the image of light and the light in the darkness. I love the lights of the Advent and Christmas seasons. I like the image of Christ being the light in the darkness of winter. I purposely avoid taking down my Christmas decorations until as long as I can (until Anne yells at me to do so). I don’t know the exact history of this, but yesterday used to be the end of the Christmas season. I like the idea of it ending on the feast of Candlemas (or more commonly referred to as the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple), when the blessing of candles occurs. Christ is revealed to Simeon and Anna as the light of the world.

Br Sam and I have recently been talking about light in our Faith, Science, and Reason class. In Physics we know that light is peculiar in that it behaves in unexpected ways. Our discovery of seeing deeper into the nature of light has led us to the Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory. Here are the major details. The speed of light never changes. We ALWAYS measure it to be the same speed. Therefore our perceptions of time and space change from observer to observer. The faster you move, the slower time progresses for you. What!? As for quantum, we know that light behaves like a wave. It also behaves like a particle. We can never see those both at the same time. So, it’s a wave, it’s a particle, it’s neither, and it’s both. It’s a superposition and contradictory ideas.  

To me, this is how Jesus acts in our lives. He’s the one constant that NEVER changes. Our perceptions are continually changing around us. He’s constantly illuminating the darkness in our world and in ourselves. Jesus is also a paradox, a superposition, if you will. He’s constantly telling us contradictory things like, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39). Seeing God in Nature is not a proof of God, but it gives me pause to see how God is reflected in Nature. These similar images allows me to have awe and wonder in God’s Creation.

As you continue your week, where do you see God in unexpected ways? Where is your light that guides you and gives you some sense of stability?


Chris Lesher

Science Instructor

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