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Monday Minute 2-4-19

Don’t Judge the Composer

There's a story going around about a parish priest who went out one day to visit some of his neighbors. He stopped at one house and asked the man who lived there to please come visit his church the next Sunday, pointing out that the man’s neighbor went to that same church. On hearing this, the man said he would never go to that church because he wanted nothing to do with a religion that would have a man like his neighbor in it. In fact, he said, his neighbor was the worst neighbor he ever had!

The priest could see that the man had a piano in his living room, so he asked the man’s young daughter if she would play a piece by Vivaldi. The sheet music was sitting right there on the piano. The man said that Vivaldi's music was far too complicated for his daughter. Still the priest insisted, and the girl gave it a try. Needless to say, she butchered Vivaldi!

After the daughter was finished, the priest said, "Boy, if the music is that bad, then I guess that Vivaldi sure wasn’t much of a composer was he?"

On hearing this, the man quickly understood that he, too, had been judging the "music" of the Church by the players within it, rather than by the Composer.

This week let's all do our best to play some good music, but let's not judge the Composer by our playing... or anyone else's.

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu '78.

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