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Monday Minute 2/2/15

"Give us, good God, the grace to work for the things we pray for."
These words of Sir Thomas More are my battle cry.
Watching the recent blockbuster memoir Wild with my family over break, I followed the riveting journey of Cheryl Strayed as she sought redemption over thousands of grueling miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Her life had crumbled after the death of her mother, a crumbling that included cheating on her husband, having an abortion, and shooting heroine.  Through the cleansing effects of nature and the completion of an arduous physical feat, Cheryl slowly shed her chains of grief and regret.

And, yet, as much as I marveled over Cheryl's strength and her remarkable journey, I couldn’t help but think how the strongest of people don't run from their problems or turn to self-destructive, selfish behavior.  Yes, those actions make compelling memoirs, but we all have issues, stories, complaints, and bad days -- and perhaps the most heroic action is to face our problems head-on, quietly, selflessly, finding good amidst the pain, seeking healthy outlets for our struggles, turning to God in our darkest moments, continuing to radiate Christ's love to our students and our families.  Life is hard.  Teaching is hard.  But the best things in life are rarely achieved without concerted effort.  
So, in these next few weeks that students have dubbed “the winter grind,” let us all pray for the strength and grace to pour our heart and soul into our efforts of building up the Kingdom of God at Marist High School.  Have a great week!
This Monday/Tuesday Minute was written by Annie Brusky.  
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