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Monday Minute 3-12-18

A Good Bit of Irish Advice, Even for our Time…

 In ancient times, an Irish king was asked how he had achieved his station in life. He answered:

I was a listener in woods,
I was a gazer at stars,
I was blind where secrets were concerned,
I was silent in a wilderness,
I was talkative among many,
I was mild in the mead-hall,
I was stern in battle,
I was gentle toward allies,
I was a physician to the sick,
I was weak toward the feeble,
I was strong toward the powerful,
I did not despise the old though I was young,
I would not speak of anyone in his absence,
I would not disapprove, but I would praise,
I would not ask, but I would give,
for it is through these habits that the young become old and kingly warriors.’"

And an Irish Blessing…

"May you have the hindsight to know where you have been,

The foresight to know where you are going,

And the insight to know when you’ve gone too far."


This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Build Your Kingdom Here by Rend Collective. Listen here.

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