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Monday Minute 3-15-21

A little Irish wisdom to get you through the week…  

An Irish father was seeing his son off on a steamship where the lad was going to a new land with the intention of seeking his fortune in a new way of life.

     "Now, Michael, me boy," said the father as they parted, "remember the three bones, and ye’ll always get along all right."

A stranger standing nearby overheard the remark, and when the ship was underway, he asked the old gentleman what the three bones were that he referred to in his parting advice to his son.

     "Sure, now," responded the old Irishman, "and wouldn’t it be the wishbone and the jawbone and the backbone? It’s the wishbone that keeps you going after the things you want. And it’s the jawbone that helps you get there if you’re not too proud to ask a question when there’s something you don’t understand. And it’s the backbone that keeps you at it until you finally achieve what you wished for."

May the grace of God’s protection

And His great love abide

Within your home and within the hearts

Of all who dwell inside.

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to “Be Thou My Vision” by Steph MacLeod and Celtic Worship. Listen in at

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