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Monday Minute 3-18-19

What really matters...

A few years ago at the Special Olympics in Seattle, nine contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the 100-yard dash. At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a focused desire to run the race to the finish line and win. All, that is, except for one boy who almost immediately stumbled on the track, tumbled over a couple of times, sat there and began to cry. The other eight contestants heard the boy and they all turned around and went back. Every one of them. One girl with Down Syndrome bent down and kissed the boy who fell and said, “This will make it better.” They all helped the boy to his feet and all nine linked arms and walked across the finish line together. Everyone in the stadium stood and cheered for several long minutes.

Deep down we know what really matters... and it's not winning for ourselves. What really matters in life is helping others to win.

And during Lent that usually means slowing down and changing our course.


This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Do Something by Matthew West. Listen in at

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