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Monday Minute 3-4-19

“Somehow, each day, strength infuses me, blessings are realized and I am amazed.
I implore you…slow down or better yet stop, and take time to envelop yourself in life’s true treasures.”  Barb Duffy

This is a piece from my sister’s blog which she wrote while living with ALS. She passed away in 2011 at 50 years old. This quote stays in my desk drawer as a reminder of her and her wise message.

Barb’s life came full circle… before ALS, her life was always so busy, she was always on the go! And all of a sudden she found herself in a wheelchair, unable to move or speak. She did a lot of observing and her blog was her vehicle to share her observations!

To me, trying to live a simpler life is my way of living Barb’s message. Staying connected to friends and family, buying less stuff, giving away more, and attending church regularly, are intentional changes I have made in my life as I attempt to clarify my life’s true treasures.

Recently, I became the Testing Coordinator and I now spend my day in the back room of the ARC supervising students taking exams. Except for the transition between class periods, the room is silent. At first, it was too silent. I was used to the constant flow of students trailing in and out of the Guidance office. Now I can hear birds chirping, students in the parking lot talking and laughing, and landscapers trimming the bushes. 

I want to believe that Barb had something to do with my recent awakening to a simpler life and blessings surrounding me. Eight years after her death, she is still spreading her guidance and love to those she left behind. Take time today to “envelop yourself in life’s true treasures.”


Deacon’s note: Why not take Sharon and Barb’s advice and become more connected to friends and family, buy less stuff, give away more, and attend church regularly… some intentional actions as you lean into the pilgrimage of Lent.


This Monday Minute is from Sharon Gainer, Marist Testing Coordinator

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