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Monday Minute 3-5-18

A Tree Across the Ravine…


There were several missionaries in South America working hard to bring the good news of the gospel to the primitive tribes there, but their translators had difficulty putting the word "reconciliation" into the native language of the Auca people. They searched for an equivalent word but found none.


Then one day one of the translators travelled through the jungle with the natives. They came to a narrow, deep ravine and the missionary thought they could go no further. The Aucas, however, took out their machetes and cut down a tree that was large enough to span the ravine, permitting them all to cross safely. The translator, listening intently, discovered that the Auca had a word for "tree across the ravine" which ended up to be the best way to express the meaning of "reconciliation."


Think of Lent is a deep ravine that we need to cross. In fact, our reconciliation was also made possible by a tree that was cut down... and made into a cross.


Thus Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Made New by Lincoln Brewster. Listen in at


P.S. The Sacrament of a Reconciliation will be available tomorrow in the Chapel during periods C-H


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