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Monday Minute 3/2/15

Lent can make you rich!

A rich man entered a village and called all the people together in the town square. He told them all that he wanted to share his wealth with them by giving each person enough of whatever they needed to help them begin a new life. Some of the people rushed forward, grateful and eager to accept his great gift. Those who knew this man were not surprised, since they knew how generous he was and that he asked for very little in return, just their gratitude.

Others, however, stayed right where they were, sure that there must be strings attached to his gift. No one gives away something without hoping for more in return, or so they thought. They accused the man of using his great wealth for the sake of controlling others and they refused to take any part in it.

Many weeks later, when the rich man left that village, some of the people were ready to begin a new life, rich in all they could ever need or imagine, while others remained the same as they had always been, continuing to complain about their poverty and hunger.

At the end of this Lent, who do you want to be?

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy, currently listening to One Thing Remains by Jesus Culture. Listen in at  

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