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Monday Minute 4-1-19

How's your Lenten Vocabulary?

We're all familiar with the big three buzz-words that all Catholics recognize during Lent: Penance, Sacrifice, and Prayer. A second tier of vocabulary words familiar to most would also include: Abstinence, Fasting, Reconciliation, and Alms-giving.

Here's a newcomer to your Lenten Vocabulary List: Focus... from the Latin, "to cause to converge on a particular point; to concentrate, as one's thoughts; to direct one's attention or efforts."

Lent is the perfect time to fine-tune our focus, because when we focus our attention on certain things, other things expand. Granted, it works both ways. For example... when you focus on your own suffering, misery expands. When you focus on food, hunger expands. On the other hand...
   When you focus on others’ suffering, mercy expands.
       When you focus on humility, generosity expands.
           When you focus on kindness and friendship, love expands.
               And when you focus on love, the Kingdom of God expands.

There's a little over two weeks left in Lent this year... what are you going to focus on?

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to First, by Lauren Daigle. Listen in at

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