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Monday Minute 4-11-16

A story is told that on one occasion, the master escape artist Harry Houdini actually failed to make one of the spectacular escapes that he was so well-known for. It happened like this...

He was carefully searched by a team of jailers to make sure that he wasn't hiding a key, and then he was tied up with ropes and chains and bound with a strong set of handcuffs. He was thrown in a prison cell, the door was closed, and his jailers walked away.

Houdini got to work quickly and almost immediately freed himself from his shackles. He then set to work on the cell door lock. But despite all his best efforts, the lock wouldn't turn. After more than an hour, frustrated and nearly exhausted, Houdini leaned against the door and it easily swung open. The jailers did not lock the door in the first place.

The truth of the Resurrection reminds us not to get locked into our old way of thinking... locked into old habits... old expectations. Jesus changed everything for us. Death is life. An empty tomb is freedom. Thank God for Easter!

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to He Reigns by Newsboys. Listen in at


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