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Monday Minute 4-19-21

Yesterday, April 18, 2021, was the 22nd anniversary of the canonization of Marcellin Champagnat.  A number of people in the Marist-Chicago community were privileged to be in Rome for the occasion.  My lasting memory of that day was the huge groups of people from all over the Marist world.  It was an amazing insight into Marcellin Champagnat and the impact of his mission and vision.

It is all too easy to classify the saints as extraordinary people unlike us ordinary folk.  I have heard Marcellin Champagnat described as an ordinary person who did extraordinary things. What was extraordinary about what he did?  Probably the simplest answer lies in the fact that 204 years later we are doing our best to live his mission of making Jesus Christ known and loved.  Marcellin Champagnat is the reason we are here at 4200 West 115th Street today, April 18, 2021.  That is no small thing.

In speaking to the early Brothers about their young students, Marcellin said, “Their whole lives will be an echo of what you have taught them.”  We are hear because of Marcellin’s “echo” and the “echo” of those Marist Brothers and lay Marist educators who have come before us.  What will our “echo” be?

Today’s Monday Minute is from Brother Hank Hammer, currently listening to “Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Michael W. Smith.Listen in at

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