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Monday Minute 4-30-18

Spring is finally here...


Spring is finally here, so naturally I am reminded of one of my favorite TV shows from when I was a kid…  "Kung Fu." Wait. What? One of the early episodes was about a Chinese monk walking with his favorite student in a grove of fruit trees. The teacher, who lost his eyesight early in life, was the "Blind Master." As they passed near a large peach tree, the teacher tilted his head in order to miss being scratched by some of the low-hanging branches. The student noticed this in amazement and asked, "Blind Master, how is it that you saw those limbs?"


The Blind Master, always the teacher, answered, "To see with the eye is only one sensation. I hear the wind sing softly in the tree branches." The monk continued, "Close your eyes and tell me what you hear. Do you hear your own heartbeat? Do you hear the grasshopper at your feet?"


The young pupil looked down in astonishment and saw his first grasshopper of the new spring. "Teacher, how do you hear these things? The student exclaimed. "Student," the Blind Master replied, "how do you not hear them?” From that day on the teacher, always with affection, called his favorite student, "Grasshopper."


It’s finally Spring. Time to take notice of the subtle changes in the world around you. Time to take notice of the changes within you. Time to make some changes…


This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Alleluia by Eric Whitacre. It’s great music to wake up to. Listen in at


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