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Monday Minute 4/20/15

I had the opportunity over Easter break to attend the National Catholic Educator’s Conference.  It was wonderfully inspiring to be with Catholic teachers and administrators from across the United States.  Here are some great inspirational quotes I took from the various speakers:

  • The end result of instruction must be faith-filled and faithful young people who are innovative enough to change the world.
  • We use standards, curriculum guides, and technology, but we are powered by the Holy Spirit and creativity.
  • Catholic schools must help students embrace and sustain a gospel world view in all they do…our students experience a synthesis of life and faith.
  • Our faith informs our curriculum; our curriculum informs our faith.
  • An excellent Catholic school has a clearly articulated rigorous curriculum aligned with relevant standards, 21st century skills, and gospel values implemented through effective instruction. (2012 National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and High Schools)
  • There’s nothing more Catholic than having students collaborate to apply what they’ve learned in a project that addresses real world problems and issues.
  • Our instruction, assignments, and assessments must force students to take the lead in their own educational process.
  • Why are we so afraid to embrace technology? God was the first to use tablets!             

May God continue to bless us in our teaching ministry!  May we continue to be powered by the Holy Spirit, Mary, and Marcellin.

Written by Joanne Paprocki

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