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Monday Minute 5-24-21

It Is Finished

At this time of the school year, and especially this year, no one really wants a reminder of how grueling it has been. We really don’t need to read a laundry list of what we have had to endure, change and accept. Least of all, we do not want to be reminded of what we have lost. All we really want to say is, “It Is Finished.”

But it really isn’t, is it?

Jesus knew when he uttered those words from the cross, that his work had just begun. His human, earthly work may have been finished, but the heart and soul of his work goes on forever. He continues to love, forgive, show mercy, heal, guide, inspire or just sit quietly by our side and be present.

And we as educators, also know that the heart and soul of what we do is never really finished. The everyday work of the school year may be completed, but we continue to plan, create, think of new ways to inspire, guide and love.

And just like our greatest teacher, we wouldn’t have it any other way…

This Monday Minute is from Tammy Ames, who is currently listening to The Rolling Stones: You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

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