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Monday Minute 5-3-21

What are you listening for?

It was about noon downtown in Chicago. Wabash Avenue was buzzing with activity… crowds of people were hurrying to lunch, cars were honking, brakes were screeching, a siren was wailing, and the L was scraping by up above. Two men were making their way through the crowd of noon-time lunch-goers. One was a native Chicagoan, the other his cousin who was a farmer from Kansas on his first visit to the big city.

Suddenly, the farmer stopped and said to his city cousin, "Hold on! I hear a cricket!" His cousin replied, "Are you kidding me? Even if there was a cricket around here, which isn’t likely, you would never be able to hear it over all this noise."

The farmer remained quiet and still for a moment, then walked over to the corner where a shrub was struggling to grow in a large concrete planter. He turned over several leaves and found the cricket. The city dweller was amazed. "Wow! You must have great ears," he said.

"Not really," the farmer replied. "Your ears are as good as mine. It’s a matter of what you’ve been conditioned to listen for. Here, I’ll show you." The farmer then pulled a handful of coins from his pocket and let them drop to the sidewalk. As if on signal, every head on the block turned. "You see," said the farmer, "you hear what you are tuned in to listen for."

So, what are you tuned into? What are you listening for?

       And do you ever quiet yourself down and be still long enough so that you can hear Him?

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to “Listen to the Sound” by Building 429. Listen in at


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