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Monday Minute 8-27-18

May God hold you in the palm of his hands…


When I was in the 8th grade I met Ernie Banks… in person! It was at a St. Linus football banquet at Halloran’s banquet hall in Oak Lawn. He was there speaking to the local Rotary Club and when our coaches found out about it they asked if he would come say a few things to our team. He did, but unfortunately, I don’t remember a single thing that he said. However, I will always remember shaking his hand! I will never forget how much bigger his hands were than my own. I remember thinking at the time that, of course his hands are so big, that’s why he’s such a great first baseman, with those hands he can catch everything that comes his way.


44 years later baseball and football are not as important to me as they once were, but hands are… ours and the Lord’s. Ours for building the Kingdom, His for everything else… healing, feeding, forgiving, saving, holding.


As your day unfolds, be grateful that we are all held in hands much larger than our own.


This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to and old favorite, Hands by Jewel. Listen in at




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