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Monday Minute 9-11-17

There’s a story about a horse pull competition at a county fair. In the event one horse pulled 9,000 pounds and another pulled 8,000 pounds. Together they would be expected to pull 17,000 pounds. However, when they were put to work as a team, the two horses were able to pull a total weight of 30,000 pounds!

It's called synergy. By definition, the simultaneous action of separate agents working together has a greater total effect than the sum of the individual parts. More can be done through team effort than can be accomplished by each individual member. In order for the principle of synergy to work, there has to be teamwork.

Success in everything we do takes teamwork and trust. Whether it's today's lesson plan or rebuilding lives after a hurricane, every person is valuable and every contribution is needed.

At our Mass of the Holy Spirit today, we are reminded that we all receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And when we use those gifts, not just to the best of our own ability, but together, we can do remarkable things to transform our world into the kingdom of God.

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to By your Side by Tenth Avenue North. Listen in and check out the video at

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