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Monday Minute 9-14-20

Last Tuesday, on the Feast of Mary's Nativity, Br. Ernesto Sanchez, the current superior general of the Marist Brothers, released a circular (i.e. a short book addressed to brothers and lay Marists throughout the world) called Homes of Light. For this week's Monday Minute, I thought I'd share a brief excerpt:

A recurring thought for me ever since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted is how what happened in Mary's life might shed light on this moment of crisis. She confronted her fears and doubts in three steps that might be helpful to us to day: 1) We experience doubt and are afraid, so we ask God, What is going on? Why this now? 2) We feel ourselves like small children in the hands of God and we place our trust in God. Fiat! Let it be! 3) We bend our shoulders to the task and play our part to the best of our ability in serving others. Like Mary, in the face of uncertainty and fear, we need faith, trust and passion for God and humanity as solid ground for moving forward.

Of all the phrases in the Gospels where direct mention is made of Mary, there is one in particular that attracts my attention. "Mary treasured all these things and pondered over them in her heart," (Luke 2:19). The heart is mentioned often in the Bible as the inner place within humans, the seat of ideas, feeling and memories... but, especially, where divine Being can be perceived and sensed, since this is the mystery of the Incarnation. To treasure, meditate, ponder in our hearts is to read, understand, and accept our lives and events as God sees them. It is to listen to the inner voice whispered to us by the Spirit, inspiring the best steps to take.

This Monday Minute is from Br. Sam Amos.

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