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Monday Minute 9-16-19

Who are you?

Today is the feast day of Ss. Cornelius and Cyprian, two obscure members of the Communion of Saints. It’s very likely that most people have never heard of them, or know anything about them. Their renown has been lost on most of us in the modern Church, but at one time both were movers and shakers in the Kingdom of God.

I know that God does not need a dictionary, but if he had one, the word “obscurity” would be crossed out. No one in the Kingdom is obscure to God. He knows you and He knows everything about you. And here’s the best part... even knowing everything about you, He still loves you!

Always loves you.

By the way, Cornelius was Pope for just two years during the 3rd century when being a Christian in the Roman Empire meant certain death. And his friend Cyprian converted to Christianity during that same time... when he was 56 years old! Both men paid for their faith with their lives.

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Listen in at


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