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Monday Minute 9-2-19

Have you ever seen the top of the Statue of Liberty? Not the crown or the torch. Have you ever seen the very top of Lady Liberty’s head?

Most people have not. In fact, only a handful of National Park Service workers are allowed to climb up inside her arm to maintain the spotlights that are in the torch. They're the only ones who can look down at the top of Liberty’s head and see how every strand of hair has been painstakingly formed in careful and minute detail. The delicate metal hairstyle on the top of her head undoubtedly required many hours of extra work and added weeks of production time at Auguste Bartholdi’s shop in Paris, weeks and expense that the sculptor could have saved, because as far as he knew, no one would ever see the top of Liberty’s head!

So why’d he do it? Why spend so much time and effort when no one would ever know if the strands of hair were meticulously shaped and polished with every curl in place, or if the statue’s head was simply rounded over and riveted down.

On this Labor Day, let’s keep in mind that the most important work that we will ever do is always the work that no one will ever see. 

      There are no shortcuts on the road to success... or on the road to Heaven.

This Monday Minute is from Deacon Andy Neu, currently listening to Everything Glorious by the David Crowder Band. Listen in at

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