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Monday Minute 9-24-18

mike“I’m just going to wait until it’s quiet.” This little phrase is something we’ve all said countless times to our students. We want to make sure that they can really hear us. We want our students to be in a place where they are ready to understand what we have to teach them. As teachers we know this is what is best for them, even though they may not want to believe it.

Our students, as wonderful as they are, can be difficult at times. However, I wonder if God sometimes feels the same way about us. I know in my own life there have been times that life has been so “loud” that I could not have possibly heard what God was trying to teach me. My life has been loud with the day to day grind of grading, coaching, lesson plans and the like. I hope that at some point this day, week and semester, you are able to take some time for yourself to just be quiet and listen to what God is trying to teach you.

This Monday minute is from Campus Minister Mike Brennan.

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