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Monday Minute 9-26-16

WHERE DOES PEACE BEGIN?  Think globally; act locally!


The table of La Valla unites us with the whole world. It is enlarged and it welcomes everyone around us. We want to be a source of peace in our professions, in our daily life, in our own heart.  The efforts of daily life can distance us…but from God we wish to experience the difficulties with peace and serenity, seeking to unite and not divide.

          adapted from Gathered Around the Same Table, §81


Loving Lord, let us face each other with open minds and open hearts.

Guided by your Spirit, may we have the wisdom and vision to see each other

as members of the same family.

Let us be for each other a source of comfort and of peace.

And let us remember to pray for each other.


This Monday Minute is from Vince Andiorio

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