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Monday Minute 9/10/18

Yesterday, September 9, was the actual 55th anniversary of the opening of Marist High School on September 9, 1963. 


It’s all too easy to see this date as just another historical landmark and nothing more. Brother Brice is the only one of us who was present (as a freshman!) on September 9, 1963, but in addition to Brice, there is plenty of living history in our midst.  Think of senior faculty and staff who have been here for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and, in the case of Brother Rich Grenier, 50 years.  They inherited the Marist spirit and legacy from those who have gone before them, and now they share it with us. 


It is most important that all of us see ourselves as inheritors of the legacy of the founding community of Marist Brothers and lay people who began this very special school 55 years ago. We stand on their shoulders, and we must offer our shoulders to those who will come after us.


In speaking of our mission in 1825, Marcellin said, “I believe more than ever that God desires this work in this age when unbelief is making such frightful progress.” It was true then, and it is just as true now.


Happy living, breathing, demanding, and challenging anniversary.


This Monday Minute is from Brother Hank Hammer

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