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Sasha De La Cruz Reflection on Mentorship

As I stepped into the conference room, the first thing that met my eye was the genial smile of Dr.Pilbin. Since the very beginning of my Mentorship experience, her exceptional people skills were made evident. From the moment she began to speak to us the room became filled with laughter and the type of warmth that good memories with great friends fill us with. It was no wonder that none of her patients had found a reason to dislike her. Through her captivating personal experiences she revealed to us what it takes to be a good doctor. Although she encouraged us to study hard and to be organized, she made it clear that perseverance was one of the most valuable traits we could have. As it turned out, Dr.Pilbin had failed a test that was necessary for her to be accepted into the medical school of her dreams. Instead of allowing this failure to tear her aspirations to shreds, she used it to propel herself forward and strive harder than she ever had before. She was forced to wait a year before she could retake the test, but sure enough, she passed with flying colors once the year ended. Dr.Pilbin told this story, as well as everything else she shared with us, with such passion that it was impossible not to be moved by her words. As the meeting was adjourned, we each walked out of the conference room driven to do our best and not allow anything to stand in the way of our dreams.

Although Dr. Pilbin's perseverance played  a key role in her success, I believe that most of her success can be attributed to her amiable personality. A doctor may be very educated, but that alone will not guarantee happy patients. Doctors must be understanding, kind,  and have the ability to make their patients feel comfortable around them. Dr. Philhin seems to possess all of the previously listed characteristics along with a wonderful sense of humor.

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