Coronavirus Information

Current Status 

There are no cases of coronavirus at Marist High School. 

We are closely monitoring the situation and will update the community as information changes.

In the event of changes, this site will be updated.

Marist will be closed for spring break March 16-20 as scheduled. The campus will continue to be closed starting March 23 as we begin e-learning. All co-curricular activities are canceled/postponed until further notice.


Marist High School is committed to the well-being of our students, faculty/staff, parents, and friends. In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to provide thorough and timely information in regards to our efforts at Marist. Please note, Marist has not been affected by any diagnosis of the virus. We will continue to be calm and proactive as we navigate this situation.



Though Marist continually works to provide a clean, safe learning atmosphere, additional practices will be put in place.

  • A deep cleaning using hospital-grade disinfectants will take place during spring break.
  • When classes resume, an additional janitorial employee will work during the school day to provide ongoing cleaning to the school’s high-traffic areas, including the bathrooms, cafeteria, ARC, and fitness center. Surfaces will be wiped down, soap and paper towels will be stocked, keyboards and equipment will be cleaned, along with other efforts.
  • Clorox wipes will be provided to every classroom for daily (if not more often) wipe down of desks and other surfaces.
  • The school is working in partnership with our cafeteria service, Country House, to ensure the highest level of standards is in place for food preparation. 



All school-sponsored spring break travel is canceled. This was a difficult decision but was made in the best interest of those traveling and for the greater community upon their return. Marist will work with affected families to get refunds to the extent that is possible.

Travel planned for later in the spring remains on the calendar but will be evaluated as the date nears.



As stated in previous communication from the school and in keeping with information from health professionals and organizations, the best way to prevent illness is consistent hand washing with soap and water. Signs have been placed in Marist bathrooms to remind students and faculty and staff about the importance to do so. People should also avoid touching their face, use face tissue, and, if needed, cough or sneeze into the elbow/sleeve. Students should not share items such as cups or water bottles and avoid unnecessary physical contact.

If a student is sick, he or she should stay home. This is most certainly true if the student has had a fever in the past 48 hours, if he or she has been prescribed antibiotics and has not taken at least 24 hours of the dosage, or if the student has vomited within 24 hours. The same policies apply to faculty and staff members.A parent/guardian must call the Attendance Office at 773.881.5350 prior to 8:30 AM to report a necessary absence on EACH day of the period of absence. If a student needs to leave during the school day due to illness, we ask that a parent/guardian comes as soon as possible to pick them up at the main office.



General recommendations at this time are to avoid large gatherings, and Marist will continue to assess scheduled events, including athletics, and communicate any changes to parents, students, and faculty.

Four upcoming field trips through the first week of April have been canceled. Trips beyond that date will be evaluated case by case.

The University of Chicago has canceled the girls' track meet scheduled for Friday, March 13.

An exchange visit with students from a Marist school in France scheduled for late March has been canceled.

A Kairos retreat is scheduled for April 1-3. Administration will review this event after spring break.

The ACT Corporation is monitoring the situation as it pertains to the scheduled April 4 exam for which Marist is a testing location. Information will be posted as it becomes available.

Junior ring mass on March 29 and junior prom, scheduled for April 4, will be evaluated after spring break. 



The IHSA has suspended the spring season for now.  Athletes should not practice or compete with their non-school (club/travel) teams or they will be ineligible for the high school team if and when the suspension is lifted. 

All club activities are currently suspended. 



Nearly 100 seniors are enrolled in the Senior Service Community Outreach program, providing near-daily assistance at more than a dozen local organizations. This program is suspended. Deacon Neu and Mr. Hyland will communicate with students about the course. 



As a school that values meaningful technology and continual learning, efforts are being made to ensure academic content can be delivered to students should learning need to take place home. Information will be posted as needed.

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3/13/20 Read here about the temporary suspension of mass and liturgies effective March 14 per the Archdiocese of Chicago.

3/3/20 In accordance with recommendations from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, mass at Marist on Friday mornings will refrain from a physical sign of peace, use of Holy Water, and distribution of the Blood of Christ at communion. Read more here