Freshman student message

A message from freshman student council members Gina Czochara, Megan Flynn, Isabelle Harmon

American author Brian Herbert once wrote, “The capacity to learn is a gift: the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.” The freshman students at Marist have done just that by adapting and accepting our new way of learning: e-learning. While the students are missing the social aspect of high school; collaborating with other classmates, seeing teachers, and even enjoying lunch together, we have learned to compromise and make the best of our situation. Students and teachers have been making many efforts to stay connected through Zoom, an app that allows the class to have a live video call with our teacher. Through this app we are able to communicate and provide our teachers with any questions or concerns we may have. Along with Zoom, the freshmen feel that our teachers have done a great job in being supportive and available to us through email at all times. They have gone out of their ways to make quick responses and provide us with any extra help that we need. While this a new experience for all of us, the whole Marist staff has been flexible and understanding. E-learning is very different from anything that we have done at Marist in our short time here, but it is something that the freshmen feel has been a great way to continue with our education. Marist has become a second home to a lot of freshmen and many have started to miss it, from morning prayer, to classmates, to sports, it doesn’t quite feel the same. We are hoping to return to Marist in the near future, but until then, the Marist family will continue to pray and support one another for better times ahead.