Volleyball Manager: Kelsey Ryan

1966160001-0142When Kelsey Ryan was in grade school, she saw her sister’s friends working as team managers and thought it looked pretty cool. So after graduating from St. Michael, she came to Marist ready to be a part of the team in any way she could. She started by managing the freshman team, and by her sophomore year she was managing varsity. She’s been the varsity girls’ manager for three years and the boys’ manager for one.


Kelsey (left) Tweets game updates during a timeout.


She keeps a busy schedule, making sure Hudl is up and running for players and coaches to watch film. She also manages equipment, helps plan team functions, organizes paperwork for camps and clinics, and helps host tournaments.

When asked about Kelsey's contribution to the program, Coach Julie Popp Hopkins found it hard to limit herself. "I have too many great things to say about Kelsey, from her work ethic to overwhelming leadership qualities. Kelsey is not your typical manager but in the best way possible. She goes above and and beyond what is asked of her. There is nothing too small or too big that Kelsey can't handle and make extra special. She is a student that puts others first and wants to see everyone around her succeed. We have been so lucky to have her be a part of the program for three years, and can't wait to see what amazing things she will do in the future!"

Kelsey says she enjoys getting to work with both the players and the coaching staff. It can be challenging, she says, to manage time. Kelsey is involved in several other activities, including Student Council and Marist Youth, the school's service club.

When asked about her favorite memory, she says, “There are so many good things. I’d say just being around the girls in the locker room dancing…a lot…everywhere…all the time!”

Kelsey is open to the idea of managing at the collegiate level, but it will depend on where she ends up attending. Right now she is looking at University of Dayton, University of Iowa, Marquette University, Illinois State, and University of Illinois. 

Marist volleyball ended its season as regional champions and second in conference. The lower levels both won the conference title. 


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