Locker Room Renovation Project



The locker room is often the foundation of a team. It’s where program values are imparted, player bonds are built, and of course, where inspiring talks from coaches, alumni, and players take place. It sets the tone for the season. The lockers themselves are a big part of creating that atmosphere. They evoke a sense of pride among players, and provide a clean and attractive space for teams.

It has been over four decades since the men’s locker room has had a comprehensive upgrade. It is time to completely renovate the facility to create an environment consistent with other standards in the building. We need the support of former athletes to fulfill this vision of a 21st century locker room.

                              Renovation Plan:
locker- Install 80 new varsity lockers
- Install new LED lighting
- Renovate showers
- Epoxy and paint floors
- Install necessary HVAC needed for proper ventilation
- Paint freshman lockers
- Install cameras outside the exits for additional security
- Add new laundry facility
It is Marist’s hope to complete work in time for the 2017-2018 seasons, with an understanding that 80% of the project’s costs are pledged and 50% are received. For more information on how to be an integral part of this exciting project, contact:
                          Executive Director of Advancement

                              GO REDHAWKS!

Please note that facilities for girls were upgraded in 2002 or more recently. Facilities for all activities are valued and strategically addressed.