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Traffic pattern changes effective January 8

Due to construction on the new science wing all traffic at Marist High School will be westbound only.


This month, the renovation of the Marist Brothers’ monastery will begin leading to the construction of Marist High School’s new science wing.  The science wing is slated for completion for the 2019-20 school year, however, construction will begin now and will result in some alterations to our campus.

The Marist High School Advancement Office and the Marist Brothers Provincial Development Office have vacated their offices in the monastery and moved off-campus.  Part of the west faculty parking lot is being shut down for construction vehicles and faculty members’ parking spaces are being relocated.

New numbered parking spaces have been created along the south and north sides of the frontage road and in the east parking lot next to the band room and wrestling room.  These spaces are for the faculty members who are being relocated.

Because of these newly created parking spaces, it is important for you to know that going forward:

****** ALL TRAFFIC on the Marist High School campus will be WESTBOUND ONLY******

This means that cars entering at the traffic light must head WEST on either the frontage road and/or the road in front of the gym entrances.  Once students have been dropped off at this entrance, cars must continue to head WEST to exit the parking lot at the WEST end of the campus. 

Likewise, cars that enter at the west end of the campus must go directly in to the west parking lot to park and will NOT be permitted to head east to the traffic light. 

For the safety of our students, our families, and anyone driving in our parking lot, we ask that you be vigilant about following this new directive, which will remain in place for the next eighteen months during the construction of the new science wing.  

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