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Working for others by Tim Adent '16

Over spring break, I was gifted the opportunity to go on the Marist Mission Trip to Colorado.  On the first full day on the trip, we worked with Habitat for Humanity, and organization that builds houses for people who need them.  


We met a few friends while building a house, and they told us some wonderful stories to give all of us new insight on life.  Unfortunately, there was a snowstorm on Saturday so we were not able to go back and work with Habitat for Humanity more, but I was able to form bonds with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. 

On Easter Sunday, we spent another full day together and we even got to go the Cave of the Winds, we were able to explore the inside of a cave.  On Monday morning, we went out to Garden of the Gods, and helped put in a new staircase for people to travel on their hikes. 

We came back on Tuesday to help finish what we had started, and then started out to actually explore the sights there.  This was one of the best experiences of my life and the friends that I had made on this trip will never be forgotten, and every time I think about this trip I will remember how I felt doing this work for others.  

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