Honor Society Inductions 2017


Marist High School recently inducted 101 students into the four honor societies at the school during a combined ceremony on October 16. Of the 101 inductees, 38 were inducted into two or more societies. 

Moderators and officers of the National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, French National Honor Society, and National Art Honor Society worked together to plan the event, which featured speakers and a blessing of the new inductees. While each honor society has slightly different membership requirements regarding grade point average and course enrollment, all demand leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Membership in each requires bi-monthly meetings, volunteering to work special events sponsored by the group, community service, and working in the school’s tutoring center to help fellow students in a variety of academic subjects. 

Congratulations to the new members:

First Last National  Spanish French Art
Ricardo Aguilar NHS      
Alexis Arreola NHS SNHS    
Joseph Barry NHS      
Collin Bartolotta NHS SNHS    
Caitlin Blackburn NHS      
Jillian Borza NHS SNHS    
Jack Brannigan NHS SNHS    
Nicholas Brown   SNHS    
Alexis Calderon       FAHS
Abram Camarena NHS      
Kathleen Canavan NHS SNHS    
Jesse Canchola       FAHS
Mary Laura Carey       FAHS
Victoria Collins   SNHS    
Michael Cosentino NHS SNHS    
Elizabeth Davidson NHS      
Maria DiCristina NHS SNHS    
Daisy DiDomizio NHS      
Domani Dioguardi Aguilar NHS      
Ayden Domico NHS SNHS    
Rosemary Enright NHS SNHS    
Elizabeth Esparza     FNHS  
Yasmine Evans     FNHS  
George Fanelli NHS      
Jack Feldner NHS      
Anna Fitzpatrick       FAHS
Olivia Gaidas NHS SNHS    
Magnolia Gamino NHS   FNHS  
Sean Geary NHS SNHS    
Ella Gibbons NHS      
Sean Giltmier NHS SNHS    
Micaela Gniech   SNHS    
Allison Graff NHS SNHS    
Edward Hall NHS SNHS    
Dennis Hogan NHS      
Ivette Ibarra NHS SNHS    
Jalon Jones NHS SNHS    
McKenna Kallianis NHS SNHS    
Megan Kelly NHS SNHS    
Anna Kloehn NHS      
Kristen Kolp NHS SNHS    
Darrian Lane     FNHS  
Elizabeth Lopez NHS   FNHS  
Cara Lundy NHS      
John Luzzo NHS      
Bradley Mack NHS      
Michael Markett   SNHS    
Nicolas Marks   SNHS    
Kaitlin Martin   SNHS    
Andrea Martinez NHS SNHS    
Kathleen Mather NHS SNHS    
Sarah McCauley     FNHS  
Sarah McGovern NHS      
Michael McGrath NHS      
Nora McKeough NHS SNHS    
Mia Mesmer NHS SNHS    
Delanie Mikesell NHS      
Jane Mikula     FNHS  
Fiona Murphy NHS   FNHS  
Colleen Murphy NHS SNHS    
Lina Murphy NHS SNHS    
Gina Musso NHS SNHS    
Jesse Nava     FNHS  
Anna Nawara NHS SNHS    
Michael O'Brien NHS      
Annagrace Oswald NHS      
Joshua Peralta NHS SNHS    
Sofia Perez   SNHS    
Amber Polzin       FAHS
Maeve Poole NHS      
Regan Rayl       FAHS
Abigail Ready     FNHS  
Samantha Reidy   SNHS    
Kathleen Reilly   SNHS    
Daniela Robles   SNHS    
Kara Rochowicz NHS      
Alexis Rojas   SNHS    
Abigale Rosynek   SNHS    
Emily Ruby NHS      
Caitlin Ryan NHS      
Declan Ryan NHS SNHS    
Jack Santiago   SNHS    
Daniel Scarnavack NHS   FNHS  
Danielle Schleyer   SNHS    
Courteney Schulz NHS      
William Shanahan NHS      
Kate Shroba NHS      
Anna Simmons NHS   FNHS  
Robert Staszewski NHS      
Cailin Stevens NHS      
Edward Stifter NHS SNHS    
Anne Stinites NHS      
Grace Stinites NHS SNHS    
Abigail Svilar NHS SNHS    
Andreina Treto NHS SNHS    
Ricardo Vazquez     FNHS  
Ryan Vulich NHS      
Christopher Welsh NHS      
James Westphal NHS      
Clark Woodard NHS      
Brooke Yurisich NHS