College Athletes

We are excited to cheer on our talented RedHawks who continue their academic and athletic careers at the college level! Listed here are college athletes from the last four graduating classes at Marist. Have someone to add? Let us know.

Class of 2022

Charlotte Sawicki, University of Illinois- Cheerleading

Laila Dorsey, University of Iowa- Cheerleading

Delaney Bullington, Trinity Christian College- Golf

Cencere McDaniel, Notre Dame College in Ohio- Basketball

Le’lani Harris, University of St. Francis- Basketball

Kira Chivers, Loyola University-  Basketball

Abby Quinn, Illinois Wesleyan- Cross Country

Maddie Drebing, Duke University- Lacrosse

Shannon Heitschmidt, Carthage College- Lacrosse

Gianna Sanchez, Wisconsin Green Bay- Softball

Gianna Richy, UIC- Softball

Emily Bojan, University of Wisconsin- Softball

Kylie Sinal, Grand Valley State- Softball

Kaitlyn Wright, Saint Xavier- Softball

Sierra Sass, Loyola- Softball

Brooke McNichols, University of Central Florida- Softball

Brae Sanchez, Saint Louis University- Swimming

Emma Karczewski, Saint Xavier- Track and Field

Grace Misiunas, Case Western Reserve University- Track and Field

Mary Clare Brusek, Western Michigan University- Volleyball

Kennedy Conrad, Heartland Community College-Volleyball

Mia Shields, St. Mary’s College- Volleyball

Cliff Mayer, Dominican University- Baseball

Colin Amsden, Lewis University- Baseball

George Bilecki, Lewis University- Baseball

Nate Voss, University of Michigan- Baseball

Anthony Consiglio, Aurora University- Baseball

Justin Loera, Quincy University- Football

Matt Sheehan, St. Ambrose University- Football

Jayson Harris-Woodward, Dayton University- Football

Jaylen Johnson, John Carroll Univeristy- Football

Jack Esselman, St. Ambrose University- Manager

Amarion McDonald, Texas Southern University- Football

Dontrell Jackson, Jr., Coastal Carolina- Football

Danny “Deuce” McGuire, Northwestern- Football

Jimmy Rolder, Michigan University- Football

Ak’Tavion Whitlock-00Agee, Dayton University- Football

Jack Phillips, Loyola University- Cross Country

Jack Bullington, Trinity Christian College- Golf

Sam Colon, Robert Morris University- Lacrosse

Dom Diiulio, Newberry College- Lacrosse

Joe O’Heir, Trine University- Lacrosse

Liam Bennett, Lora’s College- Soccer

Marc Anthony Carreon, Lora’s College- Soccer

Michael Coy, Lora’s College- Track and Field

Andrew Kerlin, Valparaiso University- Track and Field

Andrew Kopinski, Saint Xavier- Volleyball

Josh Blomberg, Fontbonne- Volleyball

Ethan Chausse, St. Ambrose- Volleyball

Kylie Brosius, St. Ambrose- Volleyball


Class of 2021

Sydney Affolter, University of Iowa—Basketball
DeAndre Archer, Grand Valley State University—Football
Carter Auer, Western Colorado University—Track and Field
Noah Baker, Loras College—Baseball 
Ethan Bednarczyk, Wabash College—Wrestling
Sophia Bouck, Illinois Wesleyan University—Lacrosse
Ciara Bridges, Spring Hill College—Soccer
Mia Cabral, Moraine Valley C.C.—Soccer
Jack Carney, Loras College—Baseball
Kali Case, Boston College—Softball
Chazz Clark, Xavier University of Louisiana—Baseball
Patrick Coogan, University of Notre Dame—Football
Jonny Crowell, Flagler College—Baseball
Abby Dunning, Boston College—Softball
Jillian Elsouso, Lewis University—Volleyball
Santonien Flowers, University of Indianapolis—Football
Ewelina Gacek, George Mason University—Volleyball
Robert Gaylord, Ohio University—Wrestling
Jamari Grant, DePaul University—Track and Field
Jack Harmon, John Carroll University—Baseball
Elise Hetzel, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse—Lacrosse
Jabari Hill, Aurora University—Basketball
Jalen Hill, Tufts University—Football
Sedona Holland, Lewis University—Lacrosse
Nicole Jones, Purdue University at Fort Wayne—Volleyball
Seamus Kelly, University of Chicago—Football
Alex Knight, Lake Forest College--Basketball
Quintin Knight, Upper Iowa University—Football
Ellie Kurpeikis, University of Wisconsin at Green Bay—Volleyball
Morgan Laundrie, St. Louis University—Dance 
Cecilia Light, Spring Hill College—Soccer
Jack Looney, John Carroll University—Lacrosse
Easton Lotus, University of Louisville—Softball
Jovan Marsh, University of Wyoming—Football
Maggie O’Brien, University of Nebraska at Omaha—Softball
Nyherowo Omene, Princeton University—Volleyball
Molly Patula, St. Louis University—Dance
Logan Pickands, Lewis University—Hockey
Kyle Pietrzak, Cardinal Stritch University—Volleyball
Maeve Prendergast, St. Louis University—Dance
Bridey Regan, Purdue University—Cheer
Matt Rolek, North Central College—Football
Luke Schuler, Bowling Green University—Hockey
Triston Schultz, Ave Maria University—Football
Luke Sefcik, Central Michigan University—Baseball
Noah Smith, University of Louisville—Baseball
Patrick Streeter, Monmouth College—Lacrosse
Mateen Taylor, North Central College—Wrestling
Sara Wabi, Illinois State University—Gymnastics
Nicole Wagner, Moraine Valley Community College—Softball
Tim Warr, North Central College—Football
Patrick Winters, John Carroll University—Football


Class of 2020

Ryan Adasiak, St. Xavier University—Baseball
Javari Alderson, Culver Stockton College—Basketball
Maddie Arundel, Ferris State University—Volleyball
Andrew (Kai) Beluso, American International College—Rugby
Colin Bohanek, Eastern Illinois University—Football
Jake Bonnett, Loras College—Volleyball
Nick Bounardj, St. Xavier University—Baseball
Mairead Boyle, Western Michigan University—Volleyball
Brianna Brown, University of Pennsylvania—Softball
Caden Carr, Southeastern Iowa Community College—Baseball
Patrick Collevy, Western Michigan University—Rugby
Mia Crotty, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh—Softball
Christian Czarny, Lincoln Memorial University—Lacrosse
Michael Fischer, Lewis University—Hockey
Ethan Fit, Carroll University—Soccer  
Morgan Flynn, St. Mary’s College - Notre Dame, Ind.—Basketball
Brett Freiberg, Rock Valley Junior College—Baseball
Myah Gillespie, Lindenwood University—Cheer
Aidan Gleeson, Carroll University—Soccer  
Hunter Guest, Illinois Wesleyan University—Golf
Camryn Hannah, Clemson University—Volleyball
Kivonte Houston, University of Indianapolis—Football
Tom Kapa, North Central College—Football
Bridget Kennedy, Wittenberg University—Basketball
John Kennedy, Carroll University—Soccer  
Cecelia Kowalczyk, Saint Ambrose College—Lacrosse   
Thomas Leonard, Marquette University—Cross Country/Track
Anna Lipinski, Eastern Illinois University—Softball
Reese Losieczka, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee—Dance
AJ Markett, University of Chicago—Football
Jake McClain, St. Xavier University—Volleyball
Reese McMullen, North Central College—Lacrosse
Gene McNulty, Carthage College—Volleyball
Alex Menendez, Otterbein University—Lacrosse  
Hayden Mikesell, Western Michigan University—Football
Isidro Molina, University of Wyoming—Rugby
Emily Moran, Clarke University—Lacrosse    
Josh Morris, Highland Community College—Basketball
Dan Murczek, University of Indiana at South Bend—Baseball
Tyler Murray, Howard University—Golf
Will O'Boyle, North Central College—Baseball
Emily Patula, St. Louis University—Dance
Sean Quarterman, Bucknell University—Football
Nino Ruiz, Western Michigan University—Rugby
Jenna Ryan, Moraine Valley Community College—Basketball
Kaylin Strahan, Clark Atlanta University—Track
Hugh Sullivan, Spring Hill College—Baseball
Dane Thomas, Wright State University—Baseball
Amanda Tracy, St. Mary's College (Notre Dame, Ind.)—Cross Country
Keyon Turner, Valparaiso University—Football
Patrick Vincent, St. Ambrose University—Football
Amari Watkins, University of Indianapolis—Football

Class of 2019

Trey Affolter, St. Ambrose University—Basketball
Jhadia Adams, University of Louisville—Cheer
Alexis Arreolo, Berea College—Soccer 
Jessica Balich, Iowa State University—Softball
Caitlin Blackburn, Stevens Institute of Technology—Softball  
Jack Brannigan, University of Notre Dame—Baseball
Caleb Burrell, Truman State University—Football
Abigail Callahan, Winona State University—Basketball
Mary Laura Carey, Lake Forest College—Cross Country 
Maria Castaldo, University of Tennessee-Martin—Soccer
Patrick Clancy, Loras College—Soccer 
Julia Crowley, St. Mary’s College—Cross Country 
Jacob Dado, The Citadel—Wrestling 
Ryan Doubek, Benedictine University—Baseball 
Kendall Ewell, Eastern Kentucky University—Baseball (Drafted by the Colorado Rockies)
George Fanelli, University of Dayton—Football
Madison Garofalo, Illinois Wesleyan University—Softball
Dylan Hill, Calumet College of St. Joseph—Basketball 
Nile Hill, Eastern Illinois University—Football 
Jason Hodges, University of Arkansas—Baseball (Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds)
Justin Janas, University of Illinois at Urbana— Baseball
Marty Jepsen, Lewis University—Volleyball 
Jeremiah Joyce, North Central College—Tennis
McKenna Kallianis, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology—Basketball 
Jack Kilroe, Spring Hill College—Rugby
Megan Kirkwood, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater—Soccer 
Ethan Krammer, Transylvania University—Lacrosse 
Alyssa Lang, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater—Bowling 
Michael Leveille, Purdue University—Wrestling 
Cassie Lindmark, University of Kentucky—Softball
Max Malley, University of Evansville—Baseball
Michael Markett, Drake University—Football
Justin Marshall, Concordia University Wisconsin—Football/Lacrosse
Katie Mather, Loyola University Chicago—Volleyball
Mattie McCabe, Grand Valley State University—Volleyball
Vincent Messineo, Carthage College—Soccer
Kendric Nowling, Eastern Michigan University—Football
Jimmy Porter, Illinois Wesleyan University—Football
Mike Reilly, Spring Hill College—Rugby
Nick Rubino, North Central College—Lacrosse
Cecelia Schickel, Carthage College—Lacrosse
Billy Skalitzky, University of Dayton—Football
Lilly Smith, Oklahoma State University—Cheer
Wendell Smith, Morehouse College—Baseball
Molly Sullivan, St. Ambrose University—Swimming
Lexi Voss, University of Michigan—Softball 
Kelly Walinski, Northern Illinois University—Softball
Clark Burch-Woodard, Beloit College—Soccer 
Angela Zedak, Northwestern University—Softball 
Mackenzie Zions, St. Ambrose University—Lacrosse

Class of 2018

Tristan Ach, Transylvania University—Lacrosse
Jake Alberts, Judson University—Bowling
Jack Anderson, Kenyon College—Baseball
Kara Apato, Northern Illinois University—Softball 
Nathan Bednarczyk, Cornell College—Wrestling
Michael Coogan, Xavier University—Volleyball
Erin Curtin, Waldorf University—Softball
Courtney Dahl, Loras College—Lacrosse
David Daniels, Spring Hill College—Basketball
Nora Doyle, College of St. Benedict—Cross Country/Track 
Ben Ehigie, Benedictine University—Track
Tim Flynn, Moraine Valley C.C.—Tennis
Jenna Ford, Aurora University—Lacrosse 
Tom Gillen, St. Ambrose University—Football 
Maddie Glennon, Lake Forest College—Basketball
Grace Green, Radford University—Volleyball 
Joe Green, St. Ambrose Univeristy—Football 
Tommy Greene, Indiana University—Football 
Kimberly Guinn, University of Wisconsin at River Falls—Softball
Delonte Harrell, Cornell University—Football 
Turon "TJ" Ivy, Indiana University—Football 
Benjamin Jackson, Marquette University—Cheer
Maggie Kehoe, Western Michigan University—Softball 
Michael Lawlor, University of Chicago—Football 
Brady Mack, Milwaukee School of Engineering—Volleyball
Patrick Mahoney, Loras College—Volleyball
Gavin McCabe, Indiana University—Football 
Colleen McCue, St. Ambrose University—Softball
Danny Meehan, University of Dayton—Football 
Maggie Meyer, University of Nebraska Omaha—Volleyball
Erin Moore, Benedictine University—Basketball
Molly Murrihy, University of Memphis—Volleyball 
Taylor Nesbitt, Concordia University at Ann Arbor—Lacrosse  
Kevin O'Halloran, Augustana University—Lacrosse
Bridget O'Malley, Illinois Wesleyan University—Lacrosse 
Kate Sanchez, Alderson Broaddus University—Lacrosse 
Erin Stapleton, Moraine Valley Community College—Soccer
Morgan Taylor, University of the Incarnate Word—Basketball
Elijah Teague, University of Minnesota—Football 
Savannah Thompson, Central Michigan University—Volleyball 
Jason Trbovic, Loras College—Baseball 
Jenna Wilmot, St. Ambrose University—Competitive Dance


Class of 2017

Derrick Ashford, University of Dubuque—Wrestling 
Claire Austin, Davenport University—Basketball
Micah Awodiran, Yale University—Football
Anne Bojan, Spring Hill College—Cheerleading
Justin Brown, University of Tennessee—Basketball
Michelle Condon, University of Illinois at Chicago—Dance
Matt Donahue, Roosevelt University—Baseball 
Cara Donegan, St. Norbert College—Soccer
Maddie Dunterman, Lehigh University—Volleyball 
Madison Franks, Loras College—Softball 
Desiree Garcia, St. Xavier University—Cross Country/Track
Bobby Hawkinson, New York University—Basketball 
Leah Hood, Loras College—Lacrosse 
Ryann Horkavy, Spring Hill College—Volleyball 
Elijah Hynes, Concordia University-Chicago—Baseball 
Megan Krasowski, University of Illinois at Springfield—Volleyball 
Matt Jones, St. Ambrose University—Lacrosse 
Liam Krammer, Illinois Wesleyan University—Football 
Billy Kuduk, Kansas State University—Football
Caily Landers, St. Mary’s University-Winona—Basketball
Maryclare Leonard, University of Notre Dame—Cross Country/Track 
Carlin McNulty, Loras College—Cross Country/Track 
Colin Meyer, Aurora University—Volleyball 
Tom O'Mara, Western Michigan University—Football
Tala Morales, Elmhurst College—Lacrosse
Lennell Navarre, Minnesota State University—Track
Chris Omiecinski, Loras College—Volleyball 
David O’Neil, Illinois Wesleyan University—Lacrosse 
Colin Pfotenhauer, Taylor University—Baseball
Joe Prkut, Ferris State University—Hockey 
David Regan, University of Wisconsin-Platteville—Soccer
Andrew Reif, Ferris State University—Hockey 
Maggie Robertson, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota—Basketball 
Alexis Rogers, University of Tennessee at Martin—Softball
Julia Ruzevich, Quincy University—Basketball 
Kate Ruzevich, Quincy University—Basketball
Joe Stack, Carthage College—Baseball
Nate Stiegal, Lewis University—Baseball
David Tischina, St. Francis University—Football
Hannah Tapling, Texas A&M University—Equestrian 
Rob Topps, University of Kansas—Football
Matt Wagner, Illinois Wesleyan University—Cross Country/Track 



Class of 2016

Lizzie Annerino, Boston University—Softball  
Haley Belcik, La Salle University—Volleyball 
Dajae Black, Lewis University—Basketball
Edward Bober, Milikin University—Baseball 
Patrick Bradford, Dominican University—Volleyball 
Michael Burcl, St. Xavier University—Volleyball 
John Carmody, North Central College—Baseball  
Ben Chaffee, Triton Junior College—Baseball 
Louis DePasquale, University of Dayton—Football
Dennis Dickman, St. Norbert College—Football
James Dunican, Loras College—Football
Paige Egan, St. Francis University—Softball 
Tehya Fortune, University of Illinois at Springfield—Basketball
Cecelia Galvan, Illinois Wesleyan University—Cross Country
Seamus Glascott, Indiana State University—Football
Brandon Hanik, Carthage College—Baseball
Fiona Haran, Robert Morris University—Softball
Andre Hardin, Marian University—Basketball 
Chamar Hawkins, McLennan Community College—Basketball
Brent Holder, Princeton University—Football
Ray Holmes, Northern Illinois University—Management
Quinn Jagodzinski, Lake Forest College—Softball
Liam Keffer, Illinois Wesleyan University—Football
Alexis Jones, Augustana University—Basketball 
Aaron Kummer, St. Xavier University—Volleyball 
Kevin Lerma, Rochester Community College—Basketball
Darshon McCullough, Eastern Illinois University—Football
Madeline McHugh, North Central College—Basketball/Lacrosse 
Amanda McIlhany, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh—Softball 
Nick Messineo, Carthage College—Soccer
Gabby Moran, Clarke University—Basketball/Lacrosse 
Maggie Murphy, Maryville University—Volleyball 
Madison Naujokas, James Madison University—Softball
Kyle O’Farrell, Maryville University—Track/Cross Country 
Emily Reilly, Loras College—Softball
Bryan Richardson, Hope College—Football 
Allyssa Rizzo, Montana State University—Volleyball
Katelyn Rosner, University of Illinois at Springfield—Basketball
Zach Sefcik, North Central College—Baseball  
Brendan Skalitzky, The Ohio State University—Football
Maura Smith, Grand Valley State University—Volleyball
Ashley Smialek, Westminster College—Soccer
David Snooks, Carthage College—Soccer
Jack Snyder, Triton Junior College—Baseball  
Anne Marie Stifter, University of Chicago—Volleyball
Emily Sullivan, Spring Hill College—Volleyball
Kamisha Wallace, St. Ambrose University—Bowling
Taylor Weaver, Northwoods University—Football

Class of 2015

Jawill Aldridge, Illinois State University—Football   
Alyssa Anderson, Tiffin University—Lacrosse 
Kelly Barker, Benedictine University—Golf 
Alex Benoit, U.S. Naval Academy—Wrestling 
Bridget Bilek, Lake Forest College—Basketball 
Danielle Boricich, Elmhurst College—Basketball
Mike Conrad, St. Joseph’s College—Cross Country
Nicole Dellorto, Utica College—Hockey
Jack Dombrowski, St. Mary's University, Minn.—Hockey
Jeremiah Ferguson, Youngstown State University—Basketball
Jake Ford, South Dakota State—Football 
Hayley Franks, Lindenwood University—Softball
Nick Gasbarro, University of Illinois at Champaign—Wrestling
Eric Hansen, Indiana University—Baseball
Katie Houbolt, Ave Maria University—Basketball
Ryan Kairis, Augustana College—Baseball
Noah Kemp, Holy Cross College—Soccer 
David Kasper, Eastern Michigan University—Wrestling 
Amanda Litviak, Ball State University—Volleyball
Sarah Lowery, St. Anselm College—Volleyball
Nick Lukanich, Belmont Abbey College—Wrestling
Pat O'Connor, St. Norbert College—Football
Carter Olson, Loras College—Soccer 
Jake Poole, Augustana College—Wrestling
Colleen Reilly, Wofford College—Volleyball
Maggie Stimac, University of Minnesota at Duluth—Softball 
Lindsey Surin, St. Xavier University—Dance
Justin Weaver, Indiana State University—Track & Field
Brooke Wilson, Loyola University Chicago—Softball 
Lizzie Zaleski, Valparaiso University—Volleyball

Class of 2014

Peter Andreotti, Purdue University—Wrestling 
Kristen Brennan, Denison University—Volleyball 
Kelly Carollo, Northern Illinois University—Track & Field
Kaila Case, University of Louisville—Cheerleading
Richie Castro, Lewis University—Track & Field
Eddie Cunningham, University of Iowa—Soccer  
Sarah DeCosmo, Miami University—Dance Team 
Jack Donegan, John Carroll University—Football  
Mark Duda, Milikin University—Wrestling  
Charlie Earner, University of Dubuque—Soccer 
Halle Engel, Blackburn College—Basketball  
Connor Falls, St. Ambrose University—Lacrosse  
Claire Finn, Lake Forest College—Basketball  
Tim Finucane, Lake Forest College—Football 
William Garretto-Balmer,Western Michigan University—eSports
Justin Hardt, St. Ambrose University—Lacrosse  
Fiona Hehir, St. Norbert College—Soccer  
Robert Hovey, Loras College—Baseball  
Ashley Kay, Carson‐Newman University—Golf 
Bridget Krasowski, St. Joseph’s College—Volleyball 
Mario Leveille, Purdue University—Wrestling  
Molly Mayo, Wofford College—Volleyball  
Brendan McHugh, University of Dubuque—Soccer  
Matt McKenzie, St. Xavier University—Baseball  
Adam Miller, Concordia University @ St. Paul—Football  
Ryan Mishka, John Carroll University—Football  
Jacob Moran, Benedictine University—Volleyball  
Morgan Murphy, Spring Hill College—Volleyball  
David Nelson, Lake Forest College—Football  
Victor Ogbebor, Elmhurst College—Football  
Marcus Pitts, Robert Morris University—Football  
Sean Prendergast, St. Ambrose University—Lacrosse 
Virgil Robertson, Elmhurst College—Football  
Mitch Schleyer, University of Dayton—Football  
Jack Stanton, Indiana University—Lacrosse
Moira Stephens, St. Ambrose University—Track & Field
Julie Trellicoso, St. Ambrose University—Softball  
Ryan Tucker, University of Illinois @ Champaign—Football  
Nelson Velez, St. Ambrose University—Lacrosse
Emily Vlahos, St. Mary's University, Minn.—Golf  
Marco Weidman, Augustana College—Football  
Nic Weishar, University of Notre Dame—Football  
Izabella Wilkinson, Lakeland College—Softball  
Brooke Wyderski, University of Wisconsin, Madison—Softball  
Julie Yaeger, St. Louis University—Cross Country & Track 
Carolyn Yerkes, Moraine Valley CC—Volleyball

Class of 2013

Jack Barry, University of Dayton—Football 
Ethan Benoit, Augustana College—Wrestling 
Leah Bolton, Bowling Green State University—Basketball
David Berglind, Benedictine University—Football 
Cody Bohanek, University of Illinois @ Chicago—Baseball-Drafted by the New York Mets
Rual Boles, Concordia University @ St. Paul—Football 
Lindsay Bullington, Illinois Wesleyan University—Volleyball 
Katherine Caulfield, Illinois Wesleyan University—Softball 
Michael Collevy, Saint Xavier University—Soccer 
Eric Cunningham, Loras College—Soccer 
Luke Daniels, Triton Junior College—Baseball             
Jack Gainer, Quincy University—Baseball 
Rob Hall, University of Chicago—Football 
Kyle Hauser, University of Illinois @ Chicago—Cross Country 
Josh Hickey, St. Xavier University—Football 
Lauren Holt, Robert Morris University—Softball 
Taylor Holder, Valdosta State University—Volleyball 
TreJon House, Milwaukee School of Engineering—Wrestling 
Jamie Karlic, University of Wisconsin @ Oshkosh—Soccer 
Kaitlin Kenny, Saint Ambrose University—Softball 
James Kruse, Millikin University—Soccer 
Brian Lang, Valparaiso University—Football
Brendan Lawler, Lake Forest College—Football 
Daniel Loizzo, Northwestern University—Hockey
Kelly Marcinek, Kennesaw State University—Volleyball 
Moira McDermott, Saint Louis University—Cross Country/Track 
Steve McGugan, University of Chicago—Football 
Leonard McIntosh, Lindenwood University—Basketball 
Adam Menendez, Illinois Wesleyan University—Lacrosse
Shannon Murphy, Indiana State University—Volleyball 
Erica Nagel, Loyola University—Softball 
Margaret O’Loughlin, Marquette University—Cross Country/Track 
Elyse Panick, Marshall University—Volleyball 
Josh Pfotenhauer, Taylor University—Baseball 
Bryan Polak, Saint Xavier University—Baseball 
Matt Poncer, Millikin University—Soccer 
Mary Powell, Dominican University—Soccer 
Haley Richy, Saint Ambrose University—Softball 
Craig Rosner, Saint Xavier University—Volleyball 
JeTaun Rouse, Marquette University—Basketball 
Mallory Salis, Ohio University—Volleyball 
Emily Salzman, Carthage College‐‐Swimming 
Matt Sears, Augustana College—Wrestling 
Royce Simpson, St. Louis University—Basketball  
Shannon Smith, Bowling Green State University—Football 
Kaitlyn VanBuskirk, St Norbert College—Cross Country/Track 
Lexus Williams, Valparaiso University—Basketball 
Danny Wojnowski, Purdue University—Rugby
John Yerkes, Moraine Valley Community College—Golf


Class of 2012

Ashley Alfirevic, Colorado StateUniversity—Hockey
Nicole Babrowski,University ofNorthDakota—Softball
Michael Barrett, College of the Holy Cross—Hockey 
Kristen Barrett, Illinois Institute of Technology—Soccer 
Matt Bisbee, University of Wisconsin @ Whitewater—Tennis 
Randyll Butler, Colgate University—Basketball 
James Carroll, South Suburban College—Baseball 
Ryan Carroll, Saint Xavier University—Football 
Ashley Carter, Tuskegee University—Track & Field 
Roger Ciszewski, St. Xavier University—Soccer 
Rocco Dazzo, Illinois State University—Hockey 
Asianna Fuqua‐Bey, University of Memphis—Basketball 
Joe Gainer, University of Illinois @Champaign—Soccer 
James Gallery, Loras College  Golf 
Madeline Gannon, Augustana College—Cross Country/Track & Field 
Virginia Garetto‐Balmer, Indiana University @ Bloomington—Lacrosse 
Jack Goldsmith, St. Ambrose University—Volleyball 
Margaret Gorman, St. Ambrose University—Softball 
David Gust, Ohio State University—Hockey 
Cody Haberkorn, Marquette University—Track & Cross Country 
Michael Hearne, University of Notre Dame—Baseball 
Patrick Hehir, Saint Norbert College—Soccer 
Sean Henrici, Indiana University @ Bloomington—Hockey 
Ashley Holder, University of Akron—Volleyball 
Edward Kennedy, Dominican University—Tennis 
Patrick Kenny, Illinois State University—Hockey 
Dana Loncar, Elmhurst College—Volleyball 
Carly Mannix, Lewis University—Cheerleading 
Allison McGugan, Carnegie Mellon University—Soccer 
Cameron Meyer, Coe College  Track & Field 
Ryan Meyer, Eastern Illinois University—Football 
Anthony Natalino, St. Ambrose University—Volleyball 
Luke Oosterbaan, Knox College—Football 
Ailish Rispin, Loras College—Soccer 
Angela Roma, St. Ambrose University—Soccer 
Dakota VanBrocklin, Loras College—Wrestling 
Lauren Zielinski, Northern Illinois University—Volleyball 

Class of 2011

Rikki Alcaraz, University of Northern Iowa—Softball 
Michael Annerino, Grinnell College—Baseball 
Jeremy Ballard, St. Norbert College—Hockey 
Lauren Bernier, Illinois College—Soccer 
Joseph Bischoff, Dominican University—Baseball 
James Blisk, St. Norbert College—Soccer 
Brad Bullington, Illinois Wesleyan University—Football 
John Caraher, University of Iowa—Football 
Kyle Coleman, Illinois College—Soccer 
Brandon Collins, Augustana College—Track & Field 
Garrett Dempsey, University of California @ San Diego—Volleyball 
Leo Dignan, St.Norbert College—Hockey
Ben Falloon,HarvardUniversity—Football
Bryan Feltman, Lake Forest College—Football 
Michael Fitzgerald, Saint Ambrose University—Football 
Daniel Flavin, Hope College—Lacrosse
Geoffrey Godwin, Millikin University—Basketball 
Jayson Gorski, University of Chicago—Baseball 
Megan Gustafson, St. Mary’s College—Softball 
Alexander Haizel, University of St. Francis—Tennis 
Michael Healy, Saint Ambrose University—Football 
Brittany Holst, University of Iowa—Track & Field 
Danielle Inzinga, Saint Xavier University—Soccer 
Joseph Jakaitis, Saint Ambrose University—Football 
Megan James, Saint Xavier University—Softball 
Katelyn Konow, St. Joseph’s College—Softball 
Matt Krakowski, Lewis University—Soccer 
Katie Krasowski, Eastern Michigan University—Volleyball 
Matthew Leveille, University of Dubuque—Wrestling 
Dana Martin, St. Xavier University—Cross Country/Track 
Sean McMahon, DePaul University—Hockey 
James Mead, Lewis University—Volleyball 
McKinley Moore, Illinois State University—Football 
Kevin Murphy, Clarke University—Volleyball 
Molly Murphy, Western Illinois University—Volleyball 
Patrick Nelson, Prairie State College—Baseball 
Caroline Niedospial, Northwestern University—Volleyball 
Dominic Olivieri, University of Illinois @ Urbana—Wrestling 
Sean O’Loughlin, St. Norbert College—Hockey 
Dillon Olson, Loras College—Soccer 
Sean Raddatz, Elmhurst College—Wrestling 
Colin Ryan, Saint Ambrose University—Football 
Francesca Rys, Lewis University—Softball 
Nicole Selvaggio, Moraine Valley Community College—Tennis 
Alyssa Sierzega, University of Illinois @ Springfield—Softball 
Paul Simmons (dec.), Spring Hill College—Basketball 
Michael Skalitzky, Columbia University—Football 
Jessica Socha, Carthage College—Soccer 
Teagan Walsh, Western Illinois University—Softball